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Several common insulation materials in electrical wires

As the internal connecting wire of our daily-use electrical appliances, the electronic wire has been gradually known to everyone. So how much do you know about the external insulation layer of the electronic wire? What are the materials of the insulating layer of the electronic wire? How to distinguish these different insulation materials? Let me take you to learn about several common insulation materials in electronic wires!

1. PVC polyvinyl chloride

The commonly used electronic wires such as UL1007 wires, UL1015 wires, UL1061 wires, UL1430 wire, UL1571 wire, etc., are all polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics. This kind of wire and cable requires plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, flame retardants, processing aids (lubricants), ultraviolet absorbers, colorants and special-purpose additives in the PVC formula, which are mainly used for insulation And sheath (there are mainly four temperature levels of 70/80/90/105 degrees).

The basic judgment method of PVC electronic wire: when burning, yellow flame, black smoke, green flame at the bottom, foul smell.

2. PE polyethylene

Our commonly used 3266 wires, 3385 wire and other electronic wires are all made of PE polyethylene. Polyethylene has excellent electrical insulation (dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent tgδ are very small), good chemical stability, and low air permeability It has low water absorption, low specific gravity, non-toxicity, good plasticity, and easy processing and forming. 

The basic judgment method of PE material electronic wire: the surface is relatively smooth, when burning, the flame is yellow and blue, dripping, and has a slight candle smell.

3. PP polypropylene

The appearance of polypropylene is white waxy solid, relatively transparent, non-toxic, low water absorption, only 0.03-0.04%, and flammable. The specific gravity is 0.91, which is the smallest among the commonly used plastics. Mainly used for core wire insulation.

The basic judging method of PP polypropylene material: the surface is relatively smooth, and compared with PE, harder, when burning, the flame is yellow and blue, dripping, there is a smell, and then there is a slight candle smell.

4. XLPE/XL-PVC thermosetting material

Thermosetting material, mainly used for insulation, the highest temperature resistance grade of XLPE can reach 150 degrees

Basic identification method: cut a piece of wire, remove the conductor, start burning from the middle with fire, and then forcefully pull the wire to a very round section.

5. PU material

With good physical and chemical properties, it is often used as a sheath for connecting wires and spring wires of construction machinery and other equipment.

Basic identification method: magnetic, good elasticity, swelling and dripping when burned.

6. TPE/PO (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Low-smoke halogen-free fuel. The halogen-free electronic wires on the market basically use TPE/PO materials as insulation materials.

Electronic wire is a highly customizable internal wire of electrical equipment. It is necessary to choose different insulating materials according to the different attributes of the product and different usage scenarios, so as to customize the most suitable electronic wire product. So how to customize the electronic wire better? It is necessary to choose an electronic wire manufacturer that can customize the wire drawing independently to better meet the needs of customers.

Dongguan Fengzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has complete qualifications such as UL certification and SGS test report, and has its own electronic wire outlet machine, which can better customize different electronic wires according to customer needs. Customers are welcome to visit and customize with drawings. , To sample and make goods.

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