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XT60 Battery Wire Welding Method

There are two methods for welding XT60 battery wires, one is spot welding, and the other is welding with an ordinary soldering iron. In most cases, spot welding is not possible, so a soldering iron is generally used for welding.

1. Use a knife to scrape off the oxide layer on the surface to be welded to expose the bright metal layer. Obvious scratches can be seen. Be careful when scraping the oxide layer.

2. Use a high-power soldering iron of more than 60 watts, rosin and solder wire to quickly tin the scratches, usually within 0.5 seconds. Wait a minute or two until the solder joint temperature drops, then solder the connecting wires.

3. Note: Be sure to use a high-power soldering iron. A low-power soldering iron does not have enough heat. It takes a few seconds for the battery to be soldered to heat up to the soldering point before tin can be applied, which can easily damage the battery.

Detailed operations:

1. Use a screwdriver to remove the outer layer of the battery. There are large solder joints on the +- contacts.

2. Apply a little rosin to the scratched area.

3. Use a 30W soldering iron, hold the soldering wire in your left hand, and aim the soldering iron at the rosin (it only takes two seconds). The solder will stick after cooling.

4. Scrape the surface of the stripped copper wire clean, apply rosin and then tin. Then hold the wire with your left hand and stick it to the tin point of the battery terminal. Use a soldering iron to melt it for two seconds, and the wire will stick.

5. The positive and negative electrodes similar to stainless steel cannot be welded firmly with an electric soldering iron. Pay attention to the packaging and fixation of the battery so that it can be connected and used without pulling or loosening.

Method for welding the scooter XT60 battery output line with stainless steel flux

Stainless steel flux is a colorless and transparent liquid that can be used to weld stainless steel products, galvanized sheets, copper and aluminum materials, lithium battery pole pieces (nickel plating), etc. Using this flux, you only need to use a slightly larger power (35W) soldering iron to easily solder 18650 lithium batteries.

Specific method:

1. When welding, first wipe the part of the lithium battery to be welded with a clean cotton ball, drop a drop of stainless steel flux on the welding part, and use a soldering iron to melt the solder wire so that the solder can be firmly attached to the battery.

2. Then, tin the leads connecting the battery and solder the tinned leads to the tin points on the lithium battery.

3. When tin plating the lithium battery to be soldered, use a soldering iron with a power of 35. Otherwise, the metal shell of the lithium battery will dissipate heat quickly, resulting in poor solder melting and affecting the welding quality. If you want to use the scooter XT60 battery output line to form a 12V battery, you can choose 3 lithium batteries to be welded in series. After welding, put on the special heat shrink tube for 18650 lithium battery, which is beautiful and easy to use.

The above introduction is the XT60 battery wire welding method. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time! Our company has many years of experience and we are always looking forward to your joining. Email: lynn@fzwires.com



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