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What is printed on the electronic wire?

As the internal connecting wire of electrical appliances, we can always find that electronic wires of different specifications have different printings during use. So how should we interpret the printing on the electronic wires? Let's interpret the meaning expressed by the printed content on the electronic wire below.

Taking UL1007 24AWG as an example, the above printing content is: AWM 1007 24AWG VW-1 80°C 300V E503941 FP AWM I A 80°C 300V FT1. We interpret the meaning of each printing separately.

1007 24AWG: Type of electronic wire

VW-1: Resistance level of electronic wire

80°C: the rated temperature of the electronic wire

300V: the rated voltage of the electronic wire

E503941: UL certification number of electronic wire

FP: Abbreviation for electronic wire manufacturer

On the premise of the same wire type, the larger the wire size, the thinner the electronic wire, and the smaller the wire number, the thicker the electronic wire.

The above is the content marked on the UL electronic line. We only understand the printed content on the UL electronic line. The specific parameters of the electronic line of different specifications and models will look at the printed content of the electronic line. It is helpful for us to check the acceptance process after purchasing the electronic wire. Only the electronic wire that meets the printing content can truly meet the acceptance standard of the electronic wire. Secondly, we can only better customize the different specifications if we understand the specific specifications of the UL electronic wire, Model of electronic cable.

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