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Guidance And Function Of Gluing Terminal Connecting Wires

Many electronic products have a process of gluing during the assembly process. The specific steps are also different. The purpose of gluing the terminal connection wires is to waterproof and fix the terminals and wires. In this process, now Basically, automatic machines are used for gluing, and some are done manually. When gluing, you must pay attention to a few points.

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1. Check whether the pre-glued sheath is intact and not damaged, the terminals are not crimped poorly, and there are no wire leaks at the glued area.

2. Check whether the root of the pre-glued connector meets the glue requirements. The exposed length of the wire at the root of the connector is about 20 to 30MM.

3. When applying glue, you should pay attention to the purpose of the connector holes. The holes that can be connected to the terminals are the places where glue needs to be applied.

4. The glued surface should be smooth and burr-free, and the interior should be full and free of bubbles.

The rated voltage of the terminal wire is also called the operating voltage. It mainly depends on the insulating material used and the distance between the contact pairs. Certain components or equipment may not be able to perform their intended functions when the voltage is lower than their rated voltage. The rated voltage of the terminal wire should actually be understood as the highest operating voltage recommended by the manufacturer. In principle, terminal wires can operate normally below the rated voltage. The editor tends to reasonably select the additional voltage based on the withstand voltage (electrical strength) index of the terminal wire, the application environment, and the safety level requirements. In other words, the same withstand voltage target can be applied to different maximum operating voltages according to different application environments and safety requirements. This is also more in line with the objective application conditions.



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