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Advantages Of Extra Soft Silicone Wire

Extra soft silicone wire has a certain degree of flexibility compared to ordinary silicone wire, and is mainly used for connecting various types of electronic appliances. Then let’s learn more about the advantages of extra-soft Silicone Wires and the role of the shielding layer?

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Advantages of extra soft silicone wire:

1. Resistant to high and low temperatures, cold and aging; good chemical properties; good insulation, not easy to heat up, long-lasting and stable.

2. Super soft silicone wire has excellent high and low temperature properties, excellent electrical insulation properties, stable chemical properties, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, and long service life. And it's soft and easy to install.

3. The ultra-soft silicone wire is durable and has excellent temperature resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, and waterproofing. It is suitable for high-temperature environments such as steel, smelting, aviation, petrochemicals, and power generation.



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