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Cable Harness

Cable Harness Manufacturer

--Customized Cable Harness Solutions

Fengzhan Electronics is a manufacturer of custom cable harness and Wire Harness in China. With many years of production experience, we can customize various cable harnesses assembly according to your requirements. Each product is electrically tested and visually inspected to ensure the quality of the product. We provide fast delivery through strict raw material control and efficient production processes. Of course, if you have urgent orders, we can also adjust the production planning schedule to meet the your delivery time.

We Can Process All Types Of Custom Cable Harness:

- JST Cable

- Molex Cable

- Ethernet Cable

- USB/Type-C Cable

- Flat Cable Assembly

- Battery Cable Harness

- Over molded Cable Harnesses

- Electrical Equipment Wire Harness

- Household Appliance Cable Harness

cable harness manufacturer

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Production Capacity Of Cable Harness

Fengzhan Electronics has customized 1000+ different types of cable harnesses and is still continuing to manufacture new harnesses. Our team can meet for all different types of cable harness needs, special or complex.


Production Equipment:

- Cable Extrusion Machine

- Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

- Computer Stripping Machine

- Injection Molding Machine

- Wire Sequence Detector

- Wire Energization Test Equipment

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The cable harness is usually composed of the following materials: wires, connectors (terminals, plug-in shells, etc.), sleeves and other auxiliary materials (such as tapes, various types of sheaths, heat shrinkable tubes, etc.). Wire harness is produced strictly according to the design drawings, including wire color, length, crimped terminals, welding accessories, etc.

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Quality Control

1. Appearance inspection

- Make sure that the appearance of the cable harness is free from dirt, discoloration, water marks, shrinkage, and air bubbles.

- Ensure that the appearance of the product is free from scratches, damage, lack of glue, deformation, mold explosion, glue filling, crushed wires, etc.

2. Functional inspection

- Perform a continuity test. 

- Make sure there is no open circuit, short circuit problem.

- Carry out insulation test, high voltage test, and indirect poor contact test, and ensure that it is qualified.

-  Make sure there is no misalignment of the cable assembly.

3. Size inspection

- The size of the cable harness must comply with the requirements of the letter of approval and engineering drawings.

4. Packaging inspection

- The packaging must be neat, free from dirt, and there is no shortage of quantity.

- The identification must be clear, error-free, have a material number, indicate the production date and company name, etc.


Fengzhan Electronics focuses on the technical development of wire harness and cable harness assembly and other electronic products. We have strong technical expertise, combine research, development, design, manufacturing and sales and develop a good marketing system. We have advanced manufacturing equipment and products Testing ability, after years of operation and development, the products of cable harness manufacturers have been sold all over the world.

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