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Application scenarios of Cable Harness

Cable harness is a vital type of electronic components and is widely used in various electronic equipment. It can connect power supplies, signal sources, electrical equipment, instruments and other electrical equipment, and is the most common external connection line in electronic equipment. Its main function is to connect the power and signals in the circuit and separate the circuit control and power supply to ensure the normal operation of the circuit. This article will introduce the application scenarios and classification of terminal wires.

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Application scenarios

1. Household electricity: In household circuit installation, cable assembly can flexibly connect power supplies and electrical equipment while ensuring safety and reliability. For example, it is used for safety sockets, switches, lamps, etc., to connect electrical equipment with low current.

2. Communication equipment: There are also many applications in the field of communication equipment. For example, used to transmit various spiral cables, power, signals, etc.

3. Mechanical equipment: In factories or other mechanical equipment, cable harness assembly can be used to connect circuit components, such as sensors and units, to control the operation of mechanical equipment.

4. Vehicle circuit: In automobile circuits, cable harness is used to connect different circuits and equipment, such as car lights, car logos, audio, warning lights, workshop cables, etc.

5. Power equipment: In terms of power equipment, the application range is also very wide. For example, connecting circuits on equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers, switches, etc.

6. Electronic product production: In the production process of electronic products, cable harness is used to connect circuit boards or modules inside electronic products, such as speakers, TVs, storage devices, computer motherboards, etc.



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