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What should be paid attention to in wire harness processing?

In the production process of the Wire Harness, many problems may be encountered, such as the size of the terminal wire is out of the error range, the color arrangement is incorrect, the terminal crimping force is not enough, etc., then in the terminal wire production process, what problems should the manufacturer pay attention to? 

1. Length of the cutting wires

In the process of producing terminal wires, the wire needs to be cut according to the dimensions of the drawings provided by the customer, and cannot exceed the tolerance range indicated in the drawings.

2. Length of the opening of the electronic wire

Pay attention to the problem of stripping openings during the cutting process. The number of stripping openings should be selected according to the electronic wire type, crimping method and terminal type. For example, for a 2.0-pitch terminal wire, choose a stripping opening of 2.3mm and a 2.54-pitch terminal wire. , Choose 2.7mm peeling opening.

3. Pay attention to the problem of core wire

In the process of wire cutting or stripping opening, you should pay attention to whether the core wire in the terminal wire is damaged, whether there is any copper wire cut, etc. During the wire cutting and stripping process, make sure that there is no core wire broken copper wire.

4. Tension of the riveted terminal

When riveting the conductors and plug terminals at the terminal line joints, you must pay attention to the tension of the riveted terminals. Each terminal line needs to meet the requirements of the terminal tension. If the pressure is not enough, it may cause the terminal to fall off, and the crimping may be too tight. It will damage the copper wire and lead to poor conductivity of the conductor.

5. Ranking of the terminal line

Terminal wires often have multiple colors of electronic wires as connections, and each color has a different function, such as positive and negative poles, etc.Therefore, when wearing the plastic shell at the end, it is necessary to arrange and distribute the colors of the electronic wires according to the customer's design drawings, and not to be confused.

6. Check the appearance

After the entire terminal line is produced, we still need to pay more attention to the appearance of the terminal to see if the terminal line has any problems such as stains, damage to the outer skin, copper leakage, and improper wearing of the plastic shell. Find problems in time to ensure that no defective products will flow out

The above are the major problems that need to be paid more attention to in the actual production process of the terminal wire. If we can prevent some common problems in advance, not only the quality of terminal wire processing will be improved, but also the terminal wire processing can be improved. There is huge room for improvement in production efficiency.

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