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Humidifier Wiring Harness UL1007 300V Wire

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Application: Home Appliance
Pin: 2pin-12pin
Applicable wires: UL1007 Wire
Insulation Material: PVC
Rate voltage: 300v
Conductor:Copperor Tinned Copper


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Humidifier Wiring Harness Details

Application: Home Appliance/Electronic/Smart

Connetor Pitch: 0.3/0.5/0.8/1.0/1.25/1.27/2.0mm

Connector: JST OEM/ODM customers drawing

Wire: 1007 or customized

Length: 150m or customized

Qualtity Control: 100% Computer testing before shipment

Cable preparation:  Trimmings, Stripping, Tin coating, Shielding, Twisting

Contact resistance: 15mΩ

Optional: Heat Shrink Tube/Bellows/Acetate Cloth

Humidifier Wiring Harness
Humidifier Wiring Harness Feature

The humidifier converts the alternating current into direct current through the transformer step-down and rectification, and then through the oscillating circuit to convert the direct current into high-frequency alternating current and add it to the ultrasonic atomization head (ie ceramic oscillator). The ceramic oscillator has a feature that applies external force to it If it is deformed, it will output the corresponding voltage and current. On the contrary, if an alternating voltage is applied to it, it will produce corresponding deformation, that is, vibration. In this way, the ceramic oscillator is driven by a high-frequency voltage to generate ultrasonic vibrations to atomize the water, and then the water mist is sent out through a fan to achieve the effect of humidifying the air.

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