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AWM UL1015 24AWG 600V PVC Hook Up Wire

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number:UL1015 24awg
Conductor Material: Tin Copper
Conductor Type: Stranded
Insulation Material: PVC
Color: Black/white/Red/Blue/Yellow etc.
Current: 0.5A


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UL 1015 Wire Details
1. Tinned, annealed,stranded or solid copper conductor
2. Uniform thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting
3. PVC plastic raw materials
4. Flame retardant and environmental protection
5. Corrosion resistance
6. Strong conductivity
7. Not easy oxidation
8. Steady current transmissio
UL 1015 Wire
UL 1015 Wire Applications :
Copper wire is relatively soft, and it is suitable for occasions where the wires need to follow the movement (such as motors, electrical cabinets, distribution boxes, instruments, chargers, audio, medical equipment, toys, household appliances) where multiple wires are laid together ( Convenient for wire laying and Wire Harness forming) Compared with single-strand wires, multi-strand wires are mostly used for control circuits

UL 1015 Wire

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