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What Is High Temperature Silicone Fberglass Wire

High temperature silicone fiberglass wire has excellent high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, excellent high pressure resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and long service life. The insulating material is made of silicone rubber, and the colors are: white, red, black, blue, green, yellow, etc. Long service life, easy to be soft and easy to install. It is widely used in high temperature wire environment such as lighting fixtures, household appliances, electric heating appliances, instrumentation, motor lead wires and electronics, lamps, dyeing tools, etc.

silicone fiberglass wire

The rated temperature of the silicone wire is relatively high, which can basically reach 150℃~300℃, and the rated voltage is about 600V. Silicone rubber is used as the insulating material, and the insulation thickness is uniform, which is convenient for peeling and cutting. It is used for the internal connection of electronic and electrical equipment, such as motors. Wait.

silicone fiberglass wire

1. Silicone wire has the advantages of high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, excellent chemical stability, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, and long service life.

2. Use environmentally-friendly silicone rubber materials as insulation materials. The silicone rubber is soft and has good flame-retardant properties, making the wire performance more superior.

3. It has good anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-fungal properties, and can withstand damp and hot environments and a variety of greases. Silicone wire has the advantages of waterproof and pressure resistance.

4. It is more suitable for the characteristics of the product in high current applications such as silicone wire electronic equipment, instruments and meters.
silicone fiberglass wire
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