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The Role Of Power Cable Color

We often see that the colors of the three wires in the three-core plug wire are different. What is the function of the three wires?

Description of the three core wires:

L pole: It is connected to the live wire.

Commonly used core wire colors: black or brown (some companies call brown, brown), these two colors are commonly used in the US and Japanese standards, and the European standards use brown

N pole: connect to zero wire

Common core wire colors: white, red, light blue. These three colors are commonly used in American and Japanese standards, and light blue is used in European standards.

E pole: ground wire.

Common core wire colors: green or yellow between green (in some companies called yellow between green or green and yellow, yellow-green), these two colors are commonly used in the US, Japanese, and European regulations, and many companies use green and yellow.

power cable
When we buy power cable and cables, we can often see clearly that there are RVVP, RVV and other letters beginning with some English letters printed on the power cords and cables. Many people can figure out what they mean. In fact, they separately show the model and purpose of each power cord and cable.



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