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UL electronic wire use for internal wiring of electrical appliances

After years of development, many electronics manufacturers have emerged in China. Their main advantage is convenient transportation and relatively close materials. The products produced in this way have a relatively low cost in the market.

PVC Hook Up Wire

With the appearance of electronic products on the market, UL electronic wires are in great demand in the market. And it is generally based on related products, as accessories and the main product bundled and sold together. Electronic products are mainly distributed in coastal areas. Its base camp is in Guangzhou, and nowadays, Dongguan, Guangzhou is very professional in its production, and the quantity of production is also the largest. Because the production here is very convenient and low-cost whether it is economically or in terms of transportation. After being produced and sold here, it can be transported to various regions of the country.

PVC Hook Up Wire

UL electronic wire is an abbreviation for the internal wiring of electrical equipment. The energization is mainly based on weak current, which is different from the cable in the strong current field. The unit of ul electronic wire is AWG.

UL2468 Flat ribbon cable

When selecting, try to choose products that meet the requirements of the specification. In my country, wires and cables are classified as products with mandatory safety certification by the country. Exported products need to pay attention to the UL specifications of the United States and the environmental protection RoHS requirements of the European Union.

UL 3122 Wire

The appearance of the product is smooth and round, and the color is even. Wire and cable companies whose products meet the requirements of the national standards strictly control the purchase of original materials, production equipment, and production processes in order to improve the quality of their products and ensure that the products meet the requirements of the national standards. Therefore, the appearance of the wires and cables produced meets the requirements of the specification: lubrication, roundness, and uniform color. The appearance of counterfeit goods is rough and dull. As for the rubber insulated flexible cable, it is required to have a round appearance, tight sheath, insulation, and conductor that are not easy to peel off. The counterfeit goods have rough appearance, large ovality, and low insulation strength of the sheath, which can be torn off by hand.

Multicore cable
Dongguan Fengzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing UL electronic wires, such as: UL1007, UL1015, UL1571, UL3239, UL3135, UL2468, UL2464, etc.



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