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Advantages And Disadvantages Of JST Connectors On Wiring Harness

The JST connector on the wiring harness is the world's largest terminal production and sales center in the connector industry. The company is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. The company not only has a wide range of products and constantly updated production technology, but also is a very popular worldwide A terminal manufacturer. The connectors produced by this company are used in all areas of our lives. So do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of JST connectors?
When the connector is produced, it must go through the injection molding step, so do you know the common defects and reasons for the injection molding of JST connectors? In fact, the common molding defects of jst connectors are as follows: plastic parts have dark spots or black liquid, uneven surfaces, spills, plastic parts are not completely formed, bubbles or scorched, flattened, seam or press-in Inside the mold of the plastic part, etc. The main reason is the factor on the injection molding machine, the factor on the mold, and the factor on the material.

So, how much do you know about the composition and performance of JST connector contacts? Joining material: The plug is made of metal joining material. Generally speaking, brass is the main joint. However, the special requirements are extremely high and the service life is phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, etc.

When connected to a JST connector, the pins need to use absolute force to unfold, but it is easier to separate them. Therefore, the connection strength of the JST connector is greater than the separation strength.
In this way, the interaction of the two forces of insertion and withdrawal can easily lead to the loss of the JST connector. If you want to reduce the loss, you can look at the following good methods: you can increase the contact surface strength of the gold-plated layer, which can effectively reduce the friction. The contact surface can be plated with nickel first and then gold plated, which will cause less friction than directly plating gold on copper.

So how can the JST connector reduce the number of jacks and pin wear? Here are three aspects of the plug-in world:
① The greater the thickness of nickel, the stronger the wear resistance of the gold-plated layer.
②. If the surface is smoother, the roughness will be lower, so the friction will be small.
③. Generally, pay attention to the maintenance of the JST connector during the transportation of the connector to reduce man-made damage to the connector.

JST Wiring Harness

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