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How to protect the wiring harness?

Terminal wiring harnesses are common in life, but do you know that terminal wiring harnesses need to be protected? The maintenance requirements of the terminal wiring harness are considered in the following aspects. One is the selection of wiring harness materials, the other is the maintenance of the wire contacts in the wiring harness, and the third is the maintenance of the hole-type terminals in the wiring harness. The following will explain how to better maintain the terminal wiring harness through these aspects.
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Selection of Wire Harness materials: The wire harness is generally copper multi-core cord, and there are also tinned wires. In many cases, a thin layer of high-conductivity tin is plated on the surface of the copper wire to improve the conductive function. The important requirements are based on the wire Limit current to select the appropriate wire diameter or cross-sectional area. In addition to considering the wire diameter of the electronic wire, the environment and function of the wire harness should also be considered. For example, the working environment of the engine is harsh, the high temperature environment, and there are many corrosive gases and liquids. Therefore, the selection of wires requires high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, and vibration resistance. There are many types of wires, each country has a different classification, the points are also different, and the standards manufactured are also different. The wire harness processing factory needs to select the electronic wire according to the detailed working environment and detailed requirements of the wire harness in the production, and the wire with PVC insulation is commonly used.
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Maintenance of wire contacts in the wire harness: The connection point between the wires in the wire harness is called the wire harness contact. The contacts are commonly found in instrument wire harnesses, vehicle-mounted wire harnesses, cabin wire harnesses and air conditioner wire harnesses. Through the contacts, the switch and multiple electrical appliances can be realized. Signal transmission, because it is necessary to adopt effective methods. After the general contact is connected, the wire core copper wire is exposed, and it is easily oxidized, and multiple contacts are simultaneously wrapped in the wire harness to form a connection between the contacts and the contacts, causing a short circuit in the circuit, and burning in severe cases. Therefore, the wiring harness contacts must be maintained with materials with good insulation properties.
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The materials for contact wrapping are different when used in different working environments. PVC tape is generally used for wiring harness contacts that are less affected by the environment, such as instrument wiring harness, ceiling wiring harness, body wiring harness, air conditioning wiring harness and other indoor wiring harnesses. . The junction of the front cabin wiring harness and the engine wiring harness is generally wrapped with a double-layer heat shrinkable tube, which has the effect of waterproof, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance, but the cost is higher than that of the tape.
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