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  • Home Appliance Wire Assembly
  • Home Appliance Wire Assembly
Home Appliance Wire AssemblyHome Appliance Wire AssemblyHome Appliance Wire Assembly

Home Appliance Wire Assembly

Cable: UL1007 UL1015 UL1061 UL2464 customized
Terminal connector: JST, SM, Molex
Certification: UL,SGS, ROHS,CSA
Insulation Materials: PVC, Silicone , Teflon

Dongguan Fengzhan Electronics Co., Ltd. is a wire and cable harness supplier. Professional to provide customers with various wiring harnesses and perfect solutions. Wires include UL1007 UL1015 UL1061 UL2464, and so on.


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Wire Assembly Details

Test: Professional Breakover and Pulling Force Test Before Goods Sent Out

Cable Materials: Wire Harness Can be UL, etc and Pure Copper

Cable Color/Lenght: According to the Customers' Requirements

Insulation: PVC, Silica, PE,.etc

Connector Type: Molex, JST, and others

Application: Electrical,Industry

Service: Customized Products are Acceptable

Samples: Existing sample is free

wiring harness

Wire Assembly Feature

The wiring harness is a weak current cable, which is the internal connection line of electrical equipment. At present, the main wiring harness on the market mainly have 3C and UL standards. The terminal wire is a connection wire used inside the appliance, so its conductive function is very important.

Wire Harness: Rated temperature: 80°C/105°C, rated voltage: 30V/300V, passed UL VW-1 and CSA Ft1 vertical flame resistance test, uniform insulation thickness, acid-resistant, oil-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and other characteristics.

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