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The impact of insufficient chips on the electronic wiring harness industry

The global chip shortage has affected many industries. As the use of chips has become more and more widespread, chips have now penetrated into each of our lives. From the most common mobile phones, TVs, and computers to the smart cars we drive, we need to implant chips. If the shortage of chips is not alleviated, many industries will be greatly affected, and the electronic wiring harness industry will also have a significant impact.

With the development of society, today's cars are becoming more and more intelligent, especially the development of 5G technology, making cars one step closer to the dream of autonomous driving, and chips are very important to these cars; and TV , The computer industry. Nowadays, home appliances are becoming more and more intelligent, and home appliances such as televisions and computers are all closely related to chips. If the shortage of chips cannot be alleviated, the situation facing the home appliance industry is also very dangerous. Electronic wiring harness is an indispensable neural network in electronic products.
wiring harness
For example, in the smart home appliance industry, current home appliances are becoming more and more intelligent. From common TVs to refrigerators and washing machines, they are gradually becoming smart. Chips are a prerequisite for these home appliances to be smart. The shortage of chips affects home appliances. The influence of the market is also great. A TV has hundreds or thousands of components indispensable, and the chip is the most important part. Once one of them cannot meet the production requirements, it will have a great impact, including our electronic wiring harness industry. 



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