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  • USB Cable With Switch
  • USB Cable With Switch
  • USB Cable With Switch
USB Cable With SwitchUSB Cable With SwitchUSB Cable With Switch

USB Cable With Switch

USB Cable With Switch use for MP3 / MP4 Player, Mobile Phone, COMPUTER, Multimedia, for android, Printer, Barcode Scanner, Car, IOS, Tablet, Power Bank, Multifunction, Smart Watch.


Product Details

 - Material: Pure Copper+PVC Jacket

 - Color: Black/White/Customized

 - Function: 2.4A Charging only

 - Feature: 303 switch Control

 - Specs: USB 2.0 A male to female cable with 303 Switch, Pure Copper  - Conductor, 2.4A Charging, No sync data, Length=28cm;

 - Color: White/Black; Packing: 20PCS/PE Bag;

 - Shipping Time: Around 7days by DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx/EMS.

 - OEM/ODM are available; Logo/Color/Length/Packing can be customized.

 usb cable with switch 2.jpg

Product Feature

 - We have 2 versions for this USB cable with switch, Power only or Support Data transmit, IOS Device etc.

 - USB Male to Female Extension Cord with 303 Rocker Switch

22AWG, Total Length: 40 inch /100 cm , Support 5V, 3A(Support power Extension Cord )

 - APPLICATION: Add an on/off switch button for Driving Recorder Power Cable, LED Desk Lamp, USB Fan, Bedside Lamp and other computer peripheral low-power electrical devices.


Customized Service

1. Similar product: each kind of usb switch cable available

2. Cable color is customized, like white, red.

3. Cable length is customized.


usb cable switch on/off

usb cable with switch length is customized.

micro usb + 0.3m cable + switch + 1.2m cable + 2.0 usb