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  • RJ45 Patch Cable
  • RJ45 Patch Cable
  • RJ45 Patch Cable
RJ45 Patch CableRJ45 Patch CableRJ45 Patch Cable

RJ45 Patch Cable

RJ45 patch cable is make with rj45 connector and 4 twisted pairs cabled around 2 cross shaped central filler into the cable core. There are two kinds of RJ45 patch cable according to the order of wires, one is orange white, orange, green white, blue , blue and white, green, brown and white, brown; the other is green and white, green, orange and white, blue, blue and white, orange, brown and white, brown.


RJ45 patch cable is usually used for data transmission and consists of eight-core cables. The most common application is the network card interface.

Product Details

* Type: Ethernet Cable

* Spec: Cat5 Cat5E Cat6 Cat7

* Length: 1m 3m 5m 10m CUSTOM

* Color: red blue yellow grey CUSTOM

* Wire: STP UTP

* Function: internet connection

* Application: indoor for router computer laptop


Product Feature

- Supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet

- 550 MHz rating supports higher bandwidth

- Crosstalk suppression for a clean signal

- Snagless design for easier unplugging

- Molded strain relief protects the cable integrity

- 50 micron gold-plated contacts improve the signal integrity


Cable Details

1) Flexible PVC jacket

2) Stranded twisted pairs

3) Pair separator reduces crosstalk

4) Bare copper conductors

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