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  • JST PH Cable
  • JST PH Cable
  • JST PH Cable
JST PH CableJST PH CableJST PH Cable

JST PH Cable

JST PH Cable is made of tin-plated copper, and the length of the cable can be adjusted according to customer needs. It can be fire-resistant/flame-retardant, and is often used in LEDs, internal ground wires of electronic appliances.


Product Details

- 10cm/20CM 200mm Length Single Head/Double Heads

- Voltage rating: 100 V AC/DC

- Temperature range: -25℃ to +85℃

- Contact resistance: Initial value/ 10 mΩ max

- Withstanding voltage: 1000 VAC/ minute

- Category:WIRE TO BOARD

- Pitch:2.00mm

- Circuits:2~16Pin

- Wire AWG:26~30#

- Current:2A

jst ph cable.jpg

JST PH Cable Direction Types:

1. Double Head Same Orientation

2. Double Head Opposite Direction

3. Single Head


The scope of use of JST PH Cable is widely used in connection fields such as various home appliances, electric toys, digital products, tape recorders, audio systems, electronic systems, modern office equipment, industrial control and monitoring communication equipment, etc.