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  • GX16 Cable
  • GX16 Cable
  • GX16 Cable
GX16 CableGX16 CableGX16 Cable

GX16 Cable

GX16 Cable is widely used in aviation, aerospace, industrial defense and other fields. For example, GX16 aviation plugs can be seen in avionics equipment such as aircraft, helicopters, missiles, and satellites. The high reliability, high sealing, high durability and good protection performance of this connector make its application in military fields such as aircraft and missiles extremely important.


Product Details

Type: LOW VOLTAGE, Aviation Plug Connector

Application: Industrial

Conductor Material: Copper

Jacket: PVC

Connector type: GX16 6 Pin Female Head Aviation Plug Connector

Pin number: 6 pin

Protection level: IP55

Body material: Brass/zinc alloy

Plating: Nickel Plating

Insulator: Silver/Black Bakelite

Contact: Brass/nickel plated

Cable length: 2M or as you want

GX16 Cable connector.png

Product Feature

1. GX Series Aviation Connector Socket/Plug & Female/Male 2-10 Pin Cable 20CM 50CM 1M and Customized Available

2. Hard Plastic end Cable Connector, Straight Metal Plug. GX16 Cable is Used Widely in Signal and Electronic of Aviation, Space Light, Post and Telecommunications, Computer, Navigation and Various Kinds of Instruments, CNC Machine etc.

3. Max. Current Voltage: AC and DC >380 Voltage, Rated Current Amp: 5A ;

4. Vibration Frequency: 10~100Hz,acceleration 100m/s Square,Use with wire Cable: 16-24 AWG.