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PVC Control Multicore Cables

Conductor Material: Copper
Insulation Material: PVC
Application: Machine
Color: Black or custom

Dongguan Fengzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of multi-core wires.


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Multicore Cables Details

Application: Heating

Conductor Material: copper, tinned copper

Conductor Type: Stranded

Insulation Material: silicone rubber

Rated Voltage: 600V

Rated Temperature:  -60℃~+200℃

Color:  Customized

Multicore Cables

Multicore Cables Features

Multi-core wires are generally soft, and are mostly used in activities and temporary power use places, and are easy to install, drag and drop, and move. However, the surface of the multi-core wire after high temperature is severely oxidized, the effective cross-section is greatly reduced, and problems such as broken core and local heating are prone to occur. If this occurs, it is recommended to replace it in time from the perspective of safe electricity use.

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Multicore Cables Use

There is no fixed statement about whether household wires are single-core or multi-core. They are all determined according to the specific use. Like our lighting cables, 1.5 single-strand copper core wires can be used; two air conditioners above 2P (inclusive), namely Hot-type electric water heaters and bath heaters must use 4 square double-strand copper core wires; the remaining three lines all use ordinary 2.5 double-strand copper core wires.

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