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Android 1M Type-C Charging USB Cable

USB Type: Standard
Cable Material: PVC, Copper
Color: Black/White
Length: 1 Meter

According to different interfaces and data lines, USB supports devices: mobile phones, digital cameras, Cable Modem and other electronic products.


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USB Cable Details

Material: Copper+PVC

Color: black/white/customised

Length: 1M/0.2M/0.5M/1.2M/1.5M/2M

Connector: micro USB/type c/8pin

Conductor: Oxygen-free copper

Function: data and charge

USB Cable

USB Cable Feature

1. The A male with a long USB body is used, and the nickel-plated layer is of high quality, no rust, and can be subjected to salt spray experiments.

2. The appearance adopts PVC rubber material, the surface is shiny, bright, no stains, no corrosion of metals and damaging gases.

3. The silk-screened wire made of copper wire has a bright surface, good softness, no shrinkage or blistering, and the wire length is 1 meter.

4. The USB data cable is used in the USB socket to extend the connection between the computer and the external device and the communication line, and it can also charge the mobile phone.


USB Cable Application

1. Computer peripherals: mouse, keyboard, video, scanner, camera, TV and video capture box, speaker.

2. Digital peripherals: mobile phones, stereos, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, game consoles, modems, scanners, camcorders, TVs and video capture boxes.

3. Automatic industrial control equipment, USB electronic product equipment. 

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