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  • JST XH Cable
  • JST XH Cable
  • JST XH Cable
JST XH CableJST XH CableJST XH CableJST XH Cable

JST XH Cable

JST XH Cable can be widely used in the most of electronic equipments:Digital Camera, Computer Mainframe, LED display, Household Electric Appliances, etc.


Product Features

1. JST XH Cable refers to a cable used for the control and connection of electronic equipment. The core is mostly single-core or multi-core. The insulating material is generally polyvinyl chloride, and the outer diameter of the insulation is small, generally below 3mm. The color is mostly black, and the common core numbers are 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

2. JST XH Cable refers to the terminal wire for controlling electrical appliances. It has an interface that can receive voltage and control the working status of electrical appliances;

3. It refers to a general-purpose terminal wire, which is characterized by simple connectors, flexible use, can meet the needs of different types of electronic equipment, and has good electrical performance and durability.

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1. The needle of JST XH Cable is relatively small, which can easily enter the relatively small interface, which can save space and be more convenient to use.

2. Its sealing performance is relatively good, which can effectively prevent moisture, dust and other pollutants from entering, and ensure the reliability of the connection.

3. It can be plugged and unplugged many times and can be used many times without affecting its reliability.


JST XH Cable can be customized as your requirments, welcome to contact us. Thank you.