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  • Alligator Clip Cable
  • Alligator Clip Cable
  • Alligator Clip Cable
Alligator Clip CableAlligator Clip CableAlligator Clip Cable

Alligator Clip Cable

Alligator Clip Cable is a common circuit testing equipment in our daily life. Through use, it is also convenient for circuit construction in our daily life. At the same time, it also satisfies the use of parts in different situations, ensuring that our circuits are safer and more stable.


Product Details:

Material: copper

Color: red black

Length: 30-2000mm

Insulator: with or without

Connection: alligator clip

material: zinc

Application: Electronic Instrument

Type: Alligator Clip Set Cable

Usage: Test Clip.test Connector

Performance: Strong elasticity, strong conductivity

Product Feature:

1. Clips attach directly to the car vehicle battery and use of high-power appliances thereby protecting the car cigarette lighter The red cable is positive and the black one is negative

2. This alligator clip is made to power 12 volt and 24 volt appliances emergent case use

3. External 20Amp fuse protection make sure the safety in case of short circuit and prevent damage to devices from high surge current

4. Alligator Clip Cable  lengthened up to 3ft / 1m or customized.


Alligator Clip Cable can be customized as your requirements. Contact us to get a quote.