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Double 5557 Terminal Wire Harness For Computer

Application: Electronic, Computer
Service: OEM ODM Accept
Length: 200mm
Color: Black Red Pink Yellow
Material: PVC, Copper


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5557 Terminal Wires Details

Application: Electronic

Service: OEM ODM Accept

Color: Black Red Blue

Material:PVC, Copper

Sample: Available


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Quality: High-Quality

Model: 5557-2P 3P 4P 5P 6P 8P 9P 10P 12P 15P 16P 20P 24P.

Application range: power supply, custom processing wire

5557 Terminal Wires

5557 Terminal Wires Feature

5557 terminal wire has passed environmental protection SGS, REACH, NP, PAHS certification, does not contain phthalate, does not contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, environmental protection is guaranteed, UL or non-standard wire can be customized according to customer requirements, length and size can be satisfied All customer needs.

Wire Harness processing is widely used in various products such as power supplies, chargers, LEDs, motors, audios, displays, air conditioners, refrigerators, copiers, fax machines, instrumentation, teaching equipment, set-top boxes, toys, automobiles, household electronic appliances, and circuit boards. The connection field.

The core material of the 5557 male and female butt terminal wire is pure tin-plated copper or bare copper, which not only has strong electrical conductivity, but also has good bending mechanical properties, which is convenient for the link between electronic devices. The wire specification can be customized flat wire or single wire, and the terminal wire can be customized with any P number and size according to customer requirements.

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