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  • UL1569
  • UL1569
  • UL1569


UL1569 connecting wires are mainly used for general purposes in the internal wiring of electrical and electronic equipment. Fields of application: generators, turbines, switchboards, electrical panels, electronic circuits.


Product Details

●Rated temperature: 80℃, 90℃, 105℃

●Rated voltage: 300V

●Reference standards: UL758, UL1581, CSA C22.2No.210.2

●Conductor use single or stranded wire, tinned or bare copper wire 30~10AWG

●PVC insulation, in line with ROHS environmental protection standards

●Passed UL VW-1, CSA FT1 and JQA -F-Mark flame test


UL1569 PVC electronic wire LED, lighting, security monitoring, 3D printing, automation equipment, data, lamps, instruments, electric power, industrial control, petrochemical, transportation, network communication, etc., cannot be used in environments with mechanical wear, UL1569 has good resistance Acid-base, oil-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and other characteristics; can withstand certain mechanical external force and wear resistance; core wire color is bright, easy to install and other characteristics.