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    250 Terminal Wiring Harness

    Application: PCBA power input cable
    Wire Type: 3239#18
    Terminal: 250 Terminal
    AWG: 18AWG/Customized


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    3239 18AWG 250 Terminal Wiring Harness
    Color: Black, Red, etc
    Length: Customized
    Insulation: Customized/Rubber, Silica, PE, PVC, Teflon etc
    Connector Type: Original OEM or Replacement
    Test: Pulling force test and continuity test
    Application: Video surveillance system/Security system
    Order Quantity: Small quantity can be accepted, like 100pcs

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    Why use 250 terminals in Wire Harnesses?
    250 terminal is a conventional hardware connector, 250 terminal is widely used in the field of electronic and electrical, ballasts, transformers, switching power supplies, instrumentation, IT communication, alarm devices, elevator equipment, lighting, household appliances, etc.

    Model: 250 terminal
    Spacing: 2.50/3.50/7.00mm
    Rated wire diameter: 22-16AWG
    Rated load: 300V/8A
    Withstand voltage: 250KV
    Stripping length: 5.5mm
    Insulation case: PA66 V-0
    Operating temperature: -40℃~110℃
    PCB hole size: φ1.4
    Number of digits: 2P-30P

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