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What is the relationship between the wire harness and the connector

When you disassemble various electronic display terminals, you will find multiple wiring harnesses and multiple connectors inside. They are an important part of electronic products, which are equivalent to the nerves in our body, which play the role of transmission and connection.
wiring harness
To be precise, a Wire Harness requires a connector, and the connector is not only used on the wire harness, but the quality of the wire harness is closely related to the connector. A very important step in the wire harness processing is "terminal crimping", in the crimping process Among them, the quality of the connector terminals has a decisive effect on the wiring harness.
Therefore, those who do wire harnesses must be cautious about the choice of connectors, and don't make choices lightly because of temporary cheapness. Quality issues are the key.
wiring harness
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