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Tolerance Range Of Wires In Wiring Harness

In the manufacturing field, there are standard operations with tolerance ranges and the standards are different. Today we will introduce the standards for various Wire Harness stripping tolerances.
wiring harness
The wire harness tolerance standard is mainly to give the cutting operator and IPQC a standardized production standard to ensure that the length of the product can meet the requirements of customers. To illustrate some common tolerance standards, for example, the total length of the silicone cord is less than 100MM, the tolerance is ±2MM, the tolerance range from 100 to 200MM is ±3MM, and so on, the special tolerance requirements are determined according to the requirements of customers and drawings.
wiring harness
Harness tolerances are generally required to be positive (+) or negative (-) at the same time; customers have specific special requirements to perform according to their requirements.

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