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What Is The 1007 Electronic Wire?

Let's first understand the basic specifications of the 1007 electronic wire. The 1007 electronic wire is a model under the UL certification of the United States, most of which are used for the internal weak current wiring of electronics and electrical appliances.
UL 1007 Wire
The rated voltage is 300V, and its wire gauge is in AWG. The internal wires are bare copper and tinned copper. Common wire gauges are 16AWG, 18AWG, 20AWG, 22AWG, 24AWG, 26AWG, 28AWG, 30AWG, according to the wire With different gauges, the number of wires, wire diameter, outer diameter, insulation thickness, and wire outer diameter are different, and the current is naturally different.
UL 1007 Wire
The above is an introduction to the 1007 electronic wire. If you need to know more parameters and specifications, please contact us. We have professional technical engineering to answer you.



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