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Definition of the four colors in the USB cable

The USB cable is used for the connection and communication between the computer and the external equipment. Among them, red, white, green, and black are the standard wiring colors, corresponding to power, data, data, and power respectively. 

The general arrangement is red, white, green, and black, from left to right. In a USB cable, there are usually four wires, and their colors and definitions are as follows: 

 1. Red (VCC): Represents the power cord, which is used to provide power to the connected devices. In the USB 2.0 specification, the VCC line is usually red. 

 2. White (D-): Represents the data negative line, which is used to transmit data. In the USB 2.0 specification, the D-line is usually white. 

 3. Green (D+): Represents the positive data line, which is used to transmit data. In the USB 2.0 specification, the D+ line is usually green. 

 4. Black (GND): Represents the ground wire, which is used to connect the ground wire of the device. 

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In the USB 2.0 specification, the GND line is usually black. It should be noted that these color definitions are based on the USB 2.0 specification, and different versions of the USB specification may be different. In addition, new generation USB specifications such as USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 may have different color definitions online. Therefore, when using a USB cable, it is best to determine the definition and color of each cable according to specific specifications and standards.



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