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What is the main difference between PCB wires and wire harnesses?

The PCB wire is an electronic wire with a connector. The connector is called a terminal on the terminal wire. The connector is used for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and board-to-board connection schemes. This kind of wire with connectors at one or both ends is called PCB wire. FENGZHAN will explain the main difference between PCB wire and bundle below.


In fact, PCB wire and wiring harness are the same product, but they are called differently. Many automobile industries like to call this product electronic wiring harness, so many people are searching for electronic wiring harness. It is mainly used in automotive products. The PCB line belongs to the consumer electronics industry, and most electronics industries are called terminal connecting wires, terminal connecting plugs, terminal connecting wires, etc.


PCB wires and Wire Harnesses are mainly divided into the following points:

1. Wire harnesses can be said to be a big category, but 70% of the market is occupied by the automotive industry, and PCB wires can only become a small category under electronic wiring harnesses.


2. There are various types of electronic wiring harnesses. Each type of electronic wiring harness has a different name. Some are called plug wires, some are called wire harnesses, and some are called terminal wires. You can determine the model name according to the pictures provided by the customer.


3. Some people who don’t understand the electronic wiring harness industry may think that PCB terminal wires and electronic wiring harnesses are products for different applications. After getting to know them slowly, they will find that they are actually the same and can be applied in various fields.



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