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What does the power cord do?

Now whether it is household appliances, commercial appliances or industrial equipment, as long as the equipment needs to use electricity, it will use power cords. Don't underestimate a small power cord. The power cord plays a very important role in the convenience of our life.
The structure of the power cord produced by the power cord manufacturer is not complicated. It is generally composed of a copper conductor, a PVC insulated inner protective sheath, and a polyvinyl chloride outer sheath. The reason why the inner and outer layers of protection are used is to protect the power cord. In addition to protection, it is also a protection for users, because these materials generally have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good windability, environmental protection and durability. The power cable is simply a wire that transmits current, and the general current transmission method is point-to-point transmission.

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The power cord has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the connection of household appliances, electric tools, instruments and meters, and lighting decorations. Although the power supply is a small part of various electrical equipment, if there is no power cord or the power supply is broken, the entire electrical equipment cannot operate. Therefore, the power cord is indispensable in our life and work, and contributes to the convenience of our life.



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