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Cable harness manual welding method

Most of the current Wire Harness manufacturers use advanced automation equipment, but there are some special electronic components. Automation can not completely replace labor at present. For example, part of the wire harness welding still needs manual welding to complete the work. The perfect welding method and welding process have become Important goal. Let me tell you about the terminal wire welding steps.

wire harness

1. To prepare for the welding of the wiring harness, first prepare the materials required for welding, such as solder wire and soldering iron. The tip of the soldering iron must be kept clean to be tinned.

2. Heat the soldering parts, turn on the power and wait for the soldering iron to be energized, touch the solder joints with the soldering iron, and heat all parts of the soldering parts, such as the leads and pads on the printed circuit board, to be evenly heated.
3. Melt the solder. When the solder is heated to a temperature that can melt the solder, place the solder wire on the solder joint. Then fix the components and lightly tap them with a soldering iron.

4. Remove the solder. When a certain amount of solder is melted, take out the excess solder wire so that there is no excess solder on the surface of the component.

5. Remove the soldering iron. When the solder completely melts and covers the solder joints, remove the soldering iron. The direction of removing the soldering iron should be approximately 45°.
With the continuous development of modern technology and the continuous development of many electronic products, people's demand for electronic products is also increasing. Electrical harness, as one of the more common electronic components in electronic products, has a huge market in the future.

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