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Why use heat shrink tubing for cable harnesses?

Cable harness refers to an electrical component formed by combining and connecting electrical components such as cables, Wire Harnesses, and cables in the fields of electrical appliances, communications, aviation, automobiles, and medical care. When manufacturing electronic wiring harnesses, heat shrinkable tubes are usually used for protection and reinforcement. The following are the benefits of using heat shrinkable tubes for cable harnesses:

cable harness assembly.png

1. Protect the wires: The wires in the cable harness will be damaged due to contact or external friction, and the heat shrinkable tube can effectively protect the wires from external interference and damage, and improve the stability and reliability of electronic equipment.


2. Prevent short circuit: Heat shrink tube can effectively prevent short circuit between wires and reduce the risk of damage to electronic equipment.


3. Waterproof and moisture-proof: The heat shrinkable tube has good waterproof and moisture-proof effects, which can prevent water and moisture from damaging the wires.


4. Improve the appearance: After the wire harness is wrapped by the heat shrinkable tube, the appearance is more beautiful and tidy, which improves the aesthetics and grade of the electronic product.


5. Easy maintenance: When the wires in the electronic wiring harness fail or need to be replaced, you only need to cut the heat shrinkable tube and replace the wires, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.


In short, the use of heat-shrinkable tubes for cable harness assemblies has the advantages of protection, waterproof, aesthetics, and easy maintenance. It is a very important electronic equipment protection material.



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