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The composition and function of the Cable Assembly

As a part of circuit integration, wiring harnesses are widely used in household appliances and small home appliances, such as humidifiers, water purifiers, and driving recorders. What are the main components of the harness? What is the role on the circuit board?

The wiring harness components are composed of electronic wires, terminals, connectors, and complex terminal wires are composed of tape, cable ties, sleeves, sheaths, and so on. Generally speaking, the Wire Harness is a customized product. Different customer products have different usage scenarios and design schemes. Wire harness manufacturers often need to customize products according to customer needs.

cable assembly

So what is the specific role of harness on the circuit board?

The terminal wire is also called the connecting wire harness. There are many types of terminal wires, different shapes, and a wide range of applications. Their performance is directly related to and affects the normal operation of the entire circuit system. Terminal wires can be divided into two major uses: one is used for connecting electronic appliances and external equipment, and the other is used for wiring connections between electronic and electrical internal circuit boards and circuit boards, circuit boards and devices or components, etc. .

The function of the terminal wire is to function as a bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, and to undertake the task of current or signal transmission. Generally speaking, wires play a great role in circuit connection. When we choose applications, we must mainly consider the circuit requirements of the circuit board to ensure that the circuit board achieves high-quality and high-stability functions.

cable assembly

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