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Conductor materials for electronic wires

Electronic wires are the internal connecting wires of electrical equipment. We all know that electronic wires are mainly used in electrical appliances, automobiles, lighting, toys, and other electronic equipment. Do you know what kinds of conductor materials are used for electronic wires? What are the specific uses and advantages and disadvantages? The following editor introduces for everyone!

1. Copper foil wire

 A strip of copper foil (compressed by copper wire) is wrapped around polyester fiber into one strand, and then four strands are normally twisted. The copper foil is elastic and has good flexibility and bending strength. Because it contains a fiber core, it is easy to absorb moisture and become black due to oxidation. Mainly used as a conductor for telephone curves and game console lines (also known as coaxial wires).

2. Bare copper wire

Bare copper wire has high conductivity, but is easily oxidized at high temperatures. There are single (or solid) bare copper wires and stranded multiple bare copper wires. The purpose of twisting is to keep the conductor soft (also known as AD wire)

3. Tinned copper wire

Use hot-dip or electroplating to plate metal tin on the surface of the copper conductor to prevent copper corrosion/discoloration and make the conductor easier to solder. Divided into single (or solid) tinned copper wire and stranded. The purpose of twisting is to keep the conductor soft (also known as TD wire).

4. Bare stranded copper wire

It is mainly used for electronic wires. On the one hand, it is convenient for soldering. On the other hand, because the conductor is hard and not easy to bend, it is easy to insert on the printed circuit board (also called TC wire).

5. Plated stranded copper wire

Mainly used for electronic wire, the performance is the same as bare stranded copper wire, the adhesion of tin layer is better than bare stranded copper wire (also known as TS wire).

In summary, the different conductor materials in the electronic wire have different functions and functions that the electronic wire can achieve. The specific electronic wire of which conductor material needs to be used needs to be customized according to customer needs!

Dongguan Fengzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has UL and Rosh certification, and has its own extruder, which can customize the production of electronic wires required by each customer. Customers are welcome to send design drawings to inquiries. Contact us to get free samples.

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