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What certifications does the electronic wire have?

As a part of the circuit of daily-use electrical appliances, electronic wires are ubiquitous in our daily life. As a standard industrialized product, electronic wires must have relevant qualification certifications. Then, what kind of qualified electronic wires need to be obtained? What about qualification certification?

First, the electronic wire must have UL certification

UL certification is not only a certification of electronic wire products, but also a testing standard for commodities. The English name of UL is Underwriter Laboratories Inc, the American Underwriters Laboratories. It is an independent, profitable, third-party non-profit organization that conducts tests for public safety. It selects scientific testing methods to test various parameters of the product to prevent Harmful chemical substances flow into the market. For example, the lead polyvinyl chloride insulation in the electronic wire is a chemical substance harmful to the environment and everyone's health. The UL test will detect this substance.

The electronic wire testing standard established by UL certification is not only one of the important testing conditions for the import of goods in the United States, but also provides a complete testing standard for the electronic wire industry. Whether the electronic wire is safe and stable, the relevant UL certification It is one of the important references.

UL Certification

Second, the electronic wire must obtain the SGS test report.

SGS (Swiss General Notary Company, called SGS Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. in China) is a third-party impartial organization engaged in inspection, testing, appraisal and certification. Whether the electronic wire is exported or sold domestically, the purchaser will request an SGS report, the purpose of which is to verify whether it complies with relevant regulations or ROHS environmental standards through a third-party impartial organization.

The core content of the RoHS directive is to restrict the use of toxic substances in electrical and electronic equipment, protect the environment, provide green consumption, and achieve the destruction and harmlessness of the two fields of production and consumption. Through testing the electronic wires, see if there are lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in the electronic wires that are harmful to humans, refuse to let the toxic substances flow to the market, and whether the electronic wires can pass SGS The ROHS standard environmental protection test is also one of the important references for the quality of electronic wires.


UL standards and SGS reports not only have restraint and standard effects on the electronic wire industry, but also have an important effect on the import and export of the electronic wire industry. In summary, a high-quality electronic wire must obtain UL certification and SGS report, so that such electronic wire products are safer, more stable and reliable.

electrical wires

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