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Wiring Harness Current Load Requirements

Current load is usually understood as the protection capability of passing current. When the current exceeds a predetermined maximum value, a protection method that causes the protection device to start. Overcurrent protection means that when the current flowing through the protected original exceeds a certain value set in advance, the protection device is activated, and the time limit is used to ensure the selectivity of the action, so that the circuit breaker will trip or give an alarm signal. The current load capacity of the ST terminal block realizes circuit protection through the resistance of the terminal block's own conductive parts. So what requirements must the Wire Harness meet to achieve the required current load capacity? The following editor will introduce to you.
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 What requirements need to be met for the cable harness to achieve the required current load capacity:
1. Product structure: The more stable the product structure, the stronger the terminal current load capacity.

2. Materials used: The thickness and width of the conductive material of the wiring harness must meet the requirements of products that can pass current; the selection of insulating materials is also related to the current load capacity. The slower the aging speed of the insulating material, the stronger the current carrying capacity of the terminal.

3. The number of adjacent digits side by side: The number of terminals must meet the installation requirements. For pluggable terminal blocks, the plug socket must correspond. Except for the manufacturer's consultation, it is not allowed to match products with different pitches without authorization. Damage to the equipment.

4. Ambient temperature: The higher the ambient temperature, the weaker the current load capacity will be. This is also the reason why electrical equipment needs a good heat dissipation environment in order to ensure good operation of the equipment. The current load capacity is one of the specification parameters of the terminal. It means that under normal circumstances, when current flows through the adjacent 5-position terminals at the same time, it will neither cause damage to the component due to heat nor affect the function of the component.
The above content is an introduction to the requirements that the wire harness needs to meet to achieve the required current load capacity. Although the terminal wire is the most widely used in life, it has a lot of knowledge in terms of its standards, models, and technical parameters. Each terminal has its own current level. When the current passing through the terminal exceeds the load of the PCB terminal, the terminal will malfunction and cause a short circuit.

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