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Wire Harness Quality Inspection

In order to ensure the quality of the electronic harness, the quality inspection of the harness requires the following aspects:

1. Trimming: Check whether the size of the wiring harness meets the relevant requirements and the model is incorrect. The cut must be clean, do not scratch the harness, and the harness must not be dirty.

2. Stripping: Check whether the stripping opening is neat, whether the stripping size is correct, whether the grouping wire and core wire are peeled off.

3. Stripping the inner skin: check whether the stripping opening is neat, the size of the stripping is correct, whether the core wire is peeled off, and whether the copper wire is peeled off; the insulator shall not fall off during the half-peeling process.

4. Terminal crimping: Check whether the specifications of the terminals and wiring harness are correct; if the terminal is pressed, there is no speaker port.

5. Set shrink tube: carefully check whether the model and size of the shrink tube are correct.

6. Terminal insertion: check whether the terminal and connector type are correct; whether the terminal is deformed or damaged; check whether the terminal is inserted incorrectly, not inserted or not inserted correctly.

7. Assemble the connector: check the shell for scratches, errors or burrs, no missing parts, and the screws are not oxidized, loose, twisted or discolored.

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