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What Is A Computer Wiring Harness?

Computer wiring harnesses are generally called computer power terminal wires in the industry. We know that the old-fashioned assembly machines used hard drives, graphics cards, floppy disk drives, DVDs and other auxiliary equipment that require a power supply to provide them with 5V and 12V power to work. So this kind of wiring harness is a computer power terminal wire.

The computers assembled nowadays are all serial cables. They use this parallel port line to turn into a serial line to supply power to auxiliary equipment; red and black are 5v; yellow and black are 12v.
computer wrie harness

The computer power harness is easy to install. You can assemble a host by purchasing various accessories for the host. There are no technical barriers to assembling the host. As long as you have a little understanding of the basic composition and related knowledge of the computer, you can assemble the computer by yourself.

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