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Design and production of electronic wires

The advantage of the electronic wire is that it can reduce the workload of the circuit engineering and save the cost. The process of use is simple. Many wires have been designed and installed with interfaces when they leave the factory. Only need to connect the wires to external devices. All together, because of this convenience, it is often used in many aspects of daily life and has become an indispensable part of modern life.

The production of electronic wires has very strict requirements for each wire. First, we must draw the corresponding circuit diagram. Because a wire is composed of many thinner single wires, so the role and function of each wire All must go through detailed planning, and the technical experts must first consider what the product is used for when redesigning. The circuit structure designed for different electrical appliances or circuits is different.

Many wires cannot be mixed for this reason. For example, mobile phone chargers cannot be mixed not only because of the different shapes of the interfaces. In fact, the different shape of the interface means that the internal structure of the wire is also completely different. All electronic wires must be marked with specific codes when they are redesigned and produced. Different codes represent different wire types. Therefore, it is best not to mix the wires of different electrical appliances, which may damage the electrical appliances.

According to the usage of wires inside or outside of different electrical equipment, detailed specifications and regulations have been made, and wire manufacturers are required to design in strict accordance with relevant standards.

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