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Why Use Silicone Wire?

In order to make electricity safer, people tend to increase the size of the cable, improve the insulation of the cable, and use high-resistant cables. However, some people recently proposed to use silicone sheathed wire, which makes some people who have never touched this kind of wire feel confused and wonder what benefits this kind of wire has. Regarding this issue, let's enter the market together now to learn about it.

high-temperature silicone wire

1. Ensure the safety of electricity
The use of this kind of wire can ensure the safety of electricity, because the silicone sheath can make the insulation of the wire stronger. Don’t think this is a trivial matter, because the safety accidents caused by wires are not a few, and there are more and more intelligent devices, and the safety risks are getting more and more serious. The traditional wires have no way to ensure the insulation, and only use silica gel. Only the sheath line can ensure that there will be no leakage, and can protect the life and property safety of employees.

high-temperature silicone wire

2. Be UV resistant
As we all know, the spontaneous combustion of wires is caused by ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays in southern cities are very serious. In addition to the very hot summer, the probability of spontaneous combustion of wires will greatly increase. The advantage of using this kind of wire is that it can be anti-ultraviolet, so that it can avoid the spontaneous combustion of the wire, and it can also avoid the loss of the enterprise for no reason.

high-temperature silicone wire

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