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How To Check The Silicone Wire

UL silicone wire is a kind of silicone wire, mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances and other industries. The quality of UL silicone wire determines its later use. So how should we judge the quality of UL silicone wire?

silicone wire

1. The surface of the UL silicone wire conductor should be round, smooth, continuous and uniform; the surface must not have triangle openings, burrs, cracks, distortions, pits, mechanical wear, corrosion spots and other defects. The surface of the UL silicone wire of good quality should be flat and bright. , No traces of excessive oxidation.

2. The surface of the insulation and sheath of the high-quality UL silicone wire should be smooth, smooth, and clean, without obvious lumps, bubbles, scorching, etc. In addition, the thickness of the insulation layer should be uniform and not eccentric; the insulation and sheath should be free from mechanical damage and flat, and the materials of each layer must not be bonded.

silicone wire

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