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Do you know the injection molding process of the power cord?

The power cord is manufactured by a variety of processing techniques. In order to ensure the high-quality performance of the power cord product, special attention should be paid when performing the injection molding process. Then what factors need to be paid attention to occur, and then we will explain it to you.

1. Temperature problem: If the temperature of the injection molding machine is too high or too low, it will have a great impact on the injection molding of the power cord. If the temperature is too high, bubbles or deformation will occur.

2. Pressure problem: Because the pressure is too high, the connection line products will be glued, and the pressure is too small, and the power line products will be short of glue.

3. Speed problem: If the glue-out speed is too fast, there will be the possibility of glue flushing, and it will also be easy to produce a front. If the glue-out speed is too small, it will easily cause the shrinkage of the connecting line product, resulting in untimely product molding.

4. Position problem: Before placing the power cord, ensure the correctness and stability of the position, so that the position of the injection molding is correct.



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