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Why reject inferior electronic wires?

Electrical Wire is a special product related to the safety of the lives and properties of thousands of households and the normal operation of almost all industries. The scope of use is extremely wide, especially for temporary wires and home decoration indoor wires. If fake and shoddy are used The wire and cable of the light source may cause a short circuit and electric shock, and the heavy may cause a fire, which may cause casualties. So what is a shoddy wire?

1. The cable length is not enough

The main method used by unscrupulous manufacturers is to make a fuss about the length of the wire and cable. The actual length of the wire and cable is less than the nominal length, and the pricing and charging are carried out according to the nominal length. The most typical is the cloth wire packaged in rolls. The national standard stipulates that each roll is 100 meters, and the measurement error is not more than 0.5%, that is, the length of each roll is 100 ± 0.5 meters. It is marked 100±20 meters, and its actual length is only about 80 meters.

2. The resistance value does not meet the national standard

The temperature of a wire with an excessive resistance value may be too high under the same current, which will accelerate the aging of the outer insulation layer and cause a short circuit to cause a fire; and due to the excessive resistance, it will greatly increase the energy consumption of the power transmission process and increase the cost of electricity.

3. Poor raw materials

1) Change the copper conductors. Copper conductors account for 80% of the cost of wires. One of the poor manufacturers is to reduce the quality of copper materials. Adopting much lower-priced impurity copper, recycling copper, and even smelting copper by the local method, the copper content is extremely unstable, resulting in a large increase in the resistivity of the copper conductor. The second is to reduce the amount of copper. To reduce the actual cross-sectional area of the copper core, the direct consequence of these two methods is that the wire overheats during use, damages the plastic of the insulation layer, and causes a short circuit to cause a fire.

2) The plastic used in the insulating layer is badly poor like copper. The price of recycled insulating material per ton and qualified PVC plastic powder is nearly 2,000 RMB, but the recycled insulating material has high impurity content, low mechanical strength, and resistance. Aging performance and electrical insulation performance decline, this approach will directly lead to electrical leakage in the wire.

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