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What is the hazard of unqualified electronic wire insulation?

In the announcement news of many companies, we can often see a notice from wire companies: The thickness of the insulation layer of the wire and cable produced is unqualified. What impact does the thickness of the specific insulating layer have on the electronic wire?

1. Reduce the service life of electronic wire products. This is easy to understand. After long-term operation, especially in some harsh environments, for example, the oven may need to be used at a long-term high temperature, plus the long-term exposure to external media Corrosion, the insulation level and the mechanical level of the thinnest point of the electronic wire insulation will decrease.

2. Coupled with insulation test detection or line grounding fault, the thinnest point may be broken down. In this way, the protective effect of the electronic wire insulation jacket will be lost. In addition, the internal consumption cannot be ignored. The long-term energization of the wire and cable will generate a lot of heat and consume the electronic wire insulation. This leads to the longevity of electronic products.

Here is a little bit of common sense: the allowable working temperature of the conductor is 70℃, and the long-term use temperature of PVC should not exceed 65℃. If you do not use qualified electronic wire products, the service life of the equipment may be reduced.

Therefore, when using electronic wire products, we must choose a certified wire company to avoid the problem of too short product life. Electronic products are more reliable and safe.

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