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How to check high-quality electric wires?

1. Look at the surface. The plastic sheath of the regular wire is soft and smooth, and the color is uniform. On its surface, it should also be printed with several items on the product certificate, such as: UL certification mark, certification number, model, rated voltage, executive standard, factory name, etc. At the same time, the handwriting must be clear and not easy to erase.

2. Try to bend. It is recommended to bend a wire head repeatedly by hand. Anything with soft hand feeling, good fatigue resistance, plastic or rubber hand feeling and elasticity and no cracks on the wire insulator is the best product.

3. Tear the insulation. High-quality insulating materials have a certain degree of mechanical strength and flexibility, and cannot be torn easily. Inferior wires can be torn off or pinched off by hand;

4. Look at the burning. According to regulations, the insulation layer of the wire has a certain flame retardancy. Peel off a section of the insulating layer and ignite it with a lighter. It is inferior wire that can continue to spontaneously ignite after leaving the open flame.

5. Check the copper wire. The color of high-quality copper wire is bright and reddish, while inferior copper core wire is purple-black, black, yellow or white, with high hardness, many impurities, poor mechanical strength, poor toughness, and it will break if you apply force. , And there are often disconnections in the wires. For multi-strand flexible wires, lightly touch the top of the copper wire with your palm, it should feel smooth, without tingling sensation, and feel soft. Otherwise, it is a low-quality wire.

6. Look at the price. Due to the low production cost of counterfeit and shoddy wires, vendors often sell them at low prices under the guise of low prices and good quality when selling.

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