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Why are the prices of the same electronic wires different?

Electronic wires are very common in our daily lives. They are commonly found in all kinds of small household appliances or electrical appliances, such as: power banks, charging cables, water dispensers, juicers, TVs, air conditioners, etc., in manufacturers When ordering raw materials for electronic wires, there may be such questions. Why are the prices of the same electronic wires different in all respects?

1. The price of the electronic wire without certification and testing is low.

The production of electronic wire should follow relevant technical standards and meet the testing of relevant testing institutions. In the wire industry, UL758 and UL1581 related to UL Center in the United States are commonly used. Technical standards, and must obtain the UL certification of the American UL company, pass SGS testing, etc., wire industry companies, in order to be able to meet the relevant standards required by UL, the annual qualification and technical maintenance costs are as high as hundreds of thousand. The manufacturer that fail to obtain the UL certification Although they does not have the qualification cost and maintenance cost, the unit price is low, but because there is no relevant standard constraint, it may be full of poor products using inferior copper wires and inferior rubber materials. In the actual application process Easily cause electrical accidents.

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2. The raw materials are different, the price difference is big

The main raw materials for the production of wires are insulation materials, copper wires and sheathing materials. At present, the raw materials of electronic wires such as copper wires and insulation materials are strictly required to be new electrolytic copper, insulating rubber materials, etc., but some manufacturers use recycling The second-hand copper wire, second-hand rubber material, the cost of raw materials is lower, but the purity of the second-hand copper wire is insufficient, the conductivity is poor, the second-hand rubber material, the insufficient amount of rubber in the insulator, etc., are all prone to electrical accidents, which deserve our vigilance.

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